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Reseda luteola


Weld, also known as Dyers Weld, Dyers Rocket, and Dyers Mignonette, is the most light and washfast of the yellow dyes and was used by ancient tapestry weavers in Central Asia, Turkey and Europe. It produces a strong clear yellow, ideal to combine with indigo for emerald and leaf greens. All parts of the plant other than the roots produce color.


Weld can be dyed at 20-30% WOF for a medium depth of shade. Pour boiling water over the dried plant material and allow to stand overnight. Retain the water for your dye bath. Add more water if needed, put the weld in the pot and bring the pot to a maximum of 160 F, as too high a temperature will dull the yellow. Strain the dye liquid and return to the dye pot. Add the fiber to the dye bath and hold at 160º F for about one hour. Weld’s color develops best in slightly hard water. Each bag of dried flower is 28 grams. Color fastness: very good

weld flowers and tops

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