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Sulfur Cosmos

Cosmos sulphureus


Sulfur Cosmos is indigenous to Mexico and Central America and adds a lively burst of color in the natural dye garden. The bees love them! This intense-orange variety of Cosmos infuses fibers with rich and warm tones, from orange through wheat and caramel. Olive green and warm brown can be achieved with iron modification.


Add the flowers to the dye pot, cover with water and simmer for about one hour to extract the color. Strain off the liquid and return to the dye pot and add the fibers to the dye bath, slowly bringing the temperature up to about 180º F. Hold at temperature for about an hour, or until you are happy with the color. Each bag of dried flower is 28 grams and will dye 30-60 grams of fiber. Color fastness: very good

sulfur cosmos

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