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Welcome to Bluebird Dye Gardens!

Last year's star of the garden was Dyer's Chamomile, with it's terrific cold tolerance and rich dye properties. This year's winner is Jet Black Hollyhock, pictured above. It bloomed profusely all summer long and even withstood a light frost. Topping out at seven feet tall, I started storing the dried blooms in big feed sacks! As dyestuff, it's constantly teaching me something new, as color can shift radically from deep teal to an indigo-like blue to purple. I could go on...

On this site you can purchase dried botanical dye plants for creating beautiful color on natural fibers, and maybe learn a thing or two about using and cultivating dye plants. Check back now and then for new workshop offerings - or click below to join my email list and find out first :)

And last but DEFINITELY not least, the 2023 harvest season has begun! Click here to see the first dye plants of the year, including some new items. More botanical dye varieties will be available by mid-December 2023.

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