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Welcome to Bluebird Dye Gardens

I'm a huge fan of thrift store shopping. Upcycling takes thrifting to a whole new level! Now I'm constantly on the hunt for clean, good quality clothes and textiles that I can upcycle. Yowza what fun! My next workshop teaches a few techniques for adding botanical color to any natural fabric, and you can bring your own items to dye!

Pictured above are lavendar-farmer-neighbor-friend Katie on the left, and my farmer-mom-yogi-daughter Dakota. Plants used to make their upcycled items are sulfur cosmos, dyer's chamomile, blanket flower, marigold, and red onion skin.

Wardrobe need a refresh?

Come to my "Upcycling Clothing & Textiles" workshop on June 15!

On this site you can purchase organically grown and hand-harvested dried botanical dyes for creating beautiful color on natural fibers. You'll also find a botanical dye felting kit, workshops, lots of photos, and some tips and resources.

Check out my workshops page, where you'll find pics and descriptions of previous workshops and a preview of my upcoming offerings. Please check back now and then for new workshop offerings, or click below to join my email list and find out first :) 

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