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Crabapple bark


Crabapple trees grow along the ditchbanks on our farm, and yield an abundance of fruit that the horses love. When they're pruned in the spring, I peel the smooth bark of the cut branches and dry them on screens in the shade. Soak the crabapple bark overnight, then using the same water simmer for an hour or so. Leave the bark in the water as it cools – if you have time, let it steep for a few days to get as much color as possible. Crabapple bark can yield strong oranges, yellow-gold, olive, and purplish-brown as well as soft wheat/tan. Mordant is not required unless you want to explore its range of color. Each bag of dried bark is 28 grams and will dye 20-30 grams of fiber. Color fastness: good

crabapple bark

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