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Botanical dye felting kit


Diving into the world of botanical dyes can be intimidating, with unfamiliar terms, products, and processes. I designed this kit to be an easy and fun introduction to dyeing with plants, with step by step directions and using a zero-energy solar dye bath method. It's easy and safe for kids too! Plants and wool love each other and create rich, beautiful color. 


Felting is a process that binds wool fibers together to produce a durable mat, and works great as a potholder, a trivet, or cut into shapes.


The kit includes three 10-gram packets of dye flowers (dyer's coreopsis, dyer's chamomile, and jet black hollyhock), one ounce of Navajo Churro wool roving from Terra Sana Farm (already mordanted), and easy step-by-step instructions. Comes in a hand-dyed organic cotton drawstring bag. 

botanical dye felting kit

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