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Welcome to Bluebird Dye Gardens

Botanical dyes on protein fibers are magical! The above photo shows swatches of wool, alpaca, and silk that I dyed using the exact same mordants and dyeing methods on each fiber type. This rigorous process is important to get an accurate representation of what each color is likely to produce. See this dye chart in person during the month of April at the Mancos Public Library, part of the Southwest Farm to Yarn display of knitted, woven, and felted items.

Mystified by mordants?

Come to my "Preparing Fibers for Botanical Dyes" workshop on April 27!

On this site you can purchase organically grown and hand-harvested dried botanical dyes for creating beautiful color on natural fibers. You'll also find a botanical dye felting kit, workshops, lots of photos, and some tips and resources.

Check out my workshops page, where you'll find pics and descriptions of previous workshops and a preview of my upcoming offerings. Please check back now and then for new workshop offerings, or click below to join my email list and find out first :) 

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